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This is the UI you will see after using your ace interaction key on a injured soldier.

There are a few basic steps to complete to stabilize and then (if needed) revive a injured soldier in the field of battle.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Apply bandage/bandage kit/CAT (Tourniquet) depending on how severe the blood loss is. Usually you will start with a bandage kit or a CAT if the soldier is unconcious from a gun shot wound.
  2. Give the soldier morphine to ease the pain if required.
  3. Give the soldier epinephrine to bring him around to consciousness.
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    After clicking "Examine" you will get this menu telling you what you can and can't do to the patient.

After these steps have been completed the soldier should now be awake and stable. The final step is usually where a medic is needed, to apply "First aid". First aid will fix broken bones and generally bring a soldiers health back to near full conditions.


  • If a soldier is first aided inside a mash, that soldier will be fully healed as oppsed to in the field where he will be near full health. The effect of this is to stop the groaning that a injured soldier will emit.
  • CPR is enabled on some missions. CPR is used when a soldier has a "life timer" i.e. The time limit in which the soldier needs to be brought back to consciousness or he will die and be forced to respawn. CPR adds 20 or so seconds to the timer every time it is administered, thus prolonging the life of the soldier and allowing him to be treated.